Wow Places to Stay

Glamping has evolved.

A pretty-patterned tent is just not good enough. We want luxury glamping and we want it in amazing places. So we're putting together all the best bits of camping and holiday cottages to come up with a curated collection of WOW places to stay.


If it’s gorgeous and it goes beyond your expectations of glamping, it’s got our name on it.


Luxury Glamping?

Glamping has grown up. It had to - there’s only so glamorous camping can get. But we couldn’t stop there. From our experienced background, we’re building a curated collection of heavenly hideaways, luxury places to stay that still celebrate the essence of glamping UK but are a little bit better.

Herein you’ll find a little bit of property, unusual places to stay that go a bit above and beyond, stories galore of the wild and the wonderful, new news in the world of alternative accommodation and everything you ever wanted to know about glamping.

WOW Where

Wherever there’s a secret spot with a spectacular view, an unexpected shelter on a clifftop, a hideaway in the trees; it doesn’t really matter where oh where we are, as long as we end up in a place where we can find ourselves.

Find a place to stay that speaks to you and stay where it takes you.

Put a pin in a map and explore with curiosity.

Reconnect with the wild on your own terms.

Lose yourself and find yourself again.

WOW What

There’s a lot of holiday accommodation out there, the choice is overwhelming so we shine a spotlight on what makes a place to stay more than just that.

We’re avid story-tellers but we won’t bore you with lazy adjectives to make something sound better than it is.

Like a serial house-hunter, we peel back the wallpaper and lift the corner of carpets to unearth the amazing and capture your imagination because there’s more to a Shepherd’s Hut than its wheels, more to a treehouse than the ladder, more to a houseboat than the water it floats on. For starters there’s the people that made them, each with their own story to tell. We want to know why they built that cabin, where they got those curtains, whether we ever have to leave…


We’ve taken nomadic instinct and given it citizenship, chosen the places to stay where you’ll get lost in the space around you and not want to leave.

We’ve worked hand in hand with our owners to bring you the best in quirky accommodation and with an in house team of holiday experts, we make sure everything runs smoothly.

We've many many years of holiday letting experience here at Where Oh Where and we want to pass on our knowledge to you, taking the pain out of arduous search lists, scrolling through pages of generic shacks. We've curated our collection of places to stay. We only feature places we want to stay in ourselves. Places that make us say WOW. (And we're not easily impressed.)

All you need to do is put the pin in the map.

Wow Who

We’ve actually been around a while. The seed was planted in the early days of glamping back in 2013 when we started to grow from the garden of Classic Cottages into Classic Glamping.

Now we’ve bloomed into a curated collection of the best places to stay when you don’t know where to go.

Got a wow world of your own? Take a look at our Field to Finish Consultancy service.

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