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We'd love to help you get your WOW site off the ground (sometimes, literally!) so let us help you through every aspect from planning to marketing - it's all part of our Field to Finish consultancy service.

We’ve blossomed from Classic Glamping and have years of holiday letting experience we’re happy to share so get in touch for free advice on how to set up your one-of-a-kind place to stay.

From start to finish, it’s all part of the service. 

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We offer:

  • FREE consultation from field to finish 
  • Expert advice every step of the way 
  • We know the people you need to know 
  • 40+ years' experience in holiday letting 
  • Tip top marketing 

Your offering

We are interested in all shapes and sizes of amazing sites and unusual accommodation. As long as it meets our minimum requirements of its own bathroom, a flushing toilet and the high standards our guests expect, we will be there for you when it comes to admin, marketing and sorting out any niggles.  

'We had an idea, Jakie helped us realise it. We even had George Clarke visit and film our journey for C4’s Amazing Spaces'

Jon & Sally - Rusty the Tin Tent 

Glamping Owner Guide

We’ve grown from decades of holiday letting experience and so there’s a few things we’re really good at:

  • Helping you turn a muddy field into a wow place to stay
  • Understanding what guests want – and how you can give it to them
  • Providing tip top marketing knowhow to really max out your bookings
  • Handling the donkey work of IT, admin and finances with our in house experts and self-designed systems, including your bespoke owners' site
  • Holding your hand every step of the way

'Jakie came to meet us and gave us invaluable advice, support and encouragement throughout our journey'

Kay Wearne - The Shepherd's Hut at Georgia Bridge

Why set up a Wow site? 

Glamping is so 2013. We don’t do festival tents or one night stopovers. We’re in it for the experience and our customers pay more to get more so you get a much quicker return on investment. From experience, a wow site will pay for itself within two and a half years.  

How to set up a glamping site 

The key ingredients are the right location, the right style of quirky accommodation and excellent facilities. That’s a pretty tall order but we want people to get lost in a dream, not a generic search list so w make sure our curated collection stands out from the crowd.

Call Jakie. She’s really bad at keeping our secrets and will tell you exactly what you need to do to start luxury glamping. 

Where is the best location?

It may be a lone spot on a clifftop with the most spectacular sea view, or tucked up high in the branches of a tree, hidden deep in the forest or sat inland on the edge of a lake. It needs to be somewhere a little bit special, ideally with far reaching views or easy access to the coast. Those one-off places that make you say ‘wow’. 

If you’ve a plot of land that is so gorgeous it needs sharing to be believed, it sounds right up our street. 

What about services? 

Some of the above sound pretty remote, so you’ll need to carefully consider water, electric, waste systems etc to be able to offer the best experience…but we’re used to talking loos and log stores and can help you realise the full potential of your place. 

Do you need planning permission?

Don’t believe the salesmen, you almost definitely do. But it should be a much lighter touch than for a permanent structure. Several planning departments have a stated aim of assisting the development of tourism and many are supportive of farm diversification, which can speed up the process. 

How do you get started?

Got an idea but not sure where oh where to take it? Our free consultation will take you from initial discussion to a site visit to assess potential, ideas on what quirky accommodation would work best and provide the greatest return on investment to a full professional photoshoot when you’ve added the finishing touches and going live on our websites.

Drop us an email or give us a call.

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