Glamping campfires

Everyone secretly likes playing with fire. A flame is mesmerising, dangerous, warming and perhaps most importantly, you can cook marshmallows with it. 

Think of your best impression of an outdoor holiday, be it camping, glamping or just an impromptu barbecue when some friends turned up unexpectedly. I reckon 99% involve a good campfire sundowner. There’s something so magical, so out-of-the-ordinary yet so familiar about sitting around a fire as it gets dark and enjoying the simplicity of the situation.

It must hark back to our forefather’s instincts; there’s a strange innocuous feeling about sitting by a fire, strange considering the danger. But it makes us feel safe, nonetheless. And then we relax, soothed by the flickering light and excited by the sugar high from those marshmallows.

Marshmallow life glamping

Glamping with a campfire – or glampfire as we shall now call it, like a handbag on a dancefloor, will become the focal point for the holiday, the hub for happy memories, the place where you all gather with smiles on your faces and love in your heart. Corny but true. There’s no getting away from the fact that stories/songs/food and friendship around a fire is up there in top ten moments.

It’s so easy yet so satisfying = R&R.

In case you don’t know what this dreamy, movie-like description looks like we…well, we made a movie about it! (Thanks Dronework Southwest) - best viewed fullscreen.

It was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and after a week of Cornish rain, the weekend turned balmy and the sun stayed in the sky till the logs burned low and we’d eaten all the marshmallows.

Set in wildflower meadows with the sun setting low over the sea, the kids were free to cycle mown paths, run with kites and play ball with the dog for as long as their sugar high lasted while us adults surveyed the scene in complete contentment.


Thanks Rusty the Tin Tent, Hobie and Woody.

Chymder glamping campfire

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