Naked Holidays

That’s the joy of privacy. You can be totally, unequivocally, unashamedly you.


People who wear bras know that feeling of relief when you release your top half from their restraints, the freedom as the blood circulates and you can breathe deeply again. Well imagine that feeling ten fold. That’s how I’d describe a Nakation.


Nakation is the word I’ve chosen to describe the type of holiday where you can be naked and get back to nature, if you choose, but isn’t specifically a Nudist or Naturist vacation – they usually involve other people who like to be in a social environment without clothes to shield them. I’m talking about the thrill of being able to get naked in a new place just because you can.

And you should.

It’s liberating.

WOW Naked hot tub cheers

We’re all born naked and we used to live naked too, until early humans decided to move out of Africa where we originated and venture into colder climes something like 100,000 years ago. Clothing was a survival tool, part of being intelligent, civilised beings. And (to cut a long history short) in modern days it became about riches and class – the more finery you adorned yourself with, the more you were admired in society. But there’s something about the primal contrast to the modern day world that’s quite appealing, a chance to live more simply by being able to quite literally shed your burdens, ritualistically remove items of clothing as if you were peeling off your responsibilities – we won’t go as far as to burn them on the fire-pit, but you get the point. Whether you over think it or not, removing one’s clothes is simply liberating.

It’s also good for our health.

On a basic level, it lets our body breathe – pores aren’t just on your face, you know, and your skin will benefit all over from a bit of an airing. Not just that but time it right and you can get the full-effect tan, bronzing like a Goddess/God without any strap marks. That’s apparently the main reason people use for wanting to go nude on holiday, rather than some form of exhibitionism. 

WOW Naked hot tub holiday

Did you know there is actually a big difference in the types of naked holidays? As I mentioned, Nakation is a naked holiday – undefined, just a holiday where you can be naked if  you choose. Nudist holidays tend to be groups of people who prefer to not wear clothes and are happy to do so around other like-minded people, often on designated beaches or holiday parks. Then there are Naturist holidays, which are more to do with losing your manmade coverings in order to get closer to nature, not just on holiday, but reflects a more distinct, meaningful way of life.

If I want to split (body) hairs, I’m here to talk about Naturist Nakations, because glamping is about getting back to nature, in the wild but in comfort, and you can certainly get naked on a glamping holiday. Especially when a wow place to stay tends to come with a certain degree of privacy. It’s perfect for your first foray into outdoor nakedness.

Those who spent time naked around others like their bodies more, regard themselves more positively, and are more satisfied with life.”
- Keon West, Psychologist

But baby steps. Or toddler steps, as those little guys love to run around unencumbered by societal expectations of covering up until they get old enough to learn shame appropriate social decorum. In the privacy of a middle-of-nowhere holiday home, however, you can enjoy a childlike joy in being free to dress, or not, as you like.

And it’ll improve your body confidence, whether alone or with your other half, getting used to being naked helps you become more aware and more accepting of your body – and theirs. You’ll no longer panic if the towel slips, get changed in the dark or generally feel embarrassed about your temple making you more happy in yourself. Plus unrestricted by elastic and belts, your blood can flow more freely, improving your heart and muscles – cheers to that!

So, find yourself a hidden spot in the outdoors, preferably with a hot tub for warmth against the UK weather, and get yourself naked. It’s not that unusual, you know – just think of Japanese Onsen (natural hot springs where you’re not meant to where clothing – or sport tattoos but that’s another story). Blissful. But you don’t have to go that far to find relevant examples. Austrian and German spas don’t allow clothing and a Roman wouldn’t have frequented a public bath house in anything but his birthday suit. And I’m sure we can repurpose the old saying, ‘when in Rome’ when we go beyond glamping…

Enjoy your Nakations, people.

WOW Nakation naked hot tub pin

This particular Nakation was taken at the delightful Curlew Shepherd's Hut near Rock, Cornwall.

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