Take time out in a forest

A little-known phrase called Shinrin-Yoku could pep up that simple stroll through some unknown woodland. Try forest bathing.

Taking in the forest atmosphere is a proven preventative healthcare practice in Japan. And they're pretty healthy.

So we say, forget the pretension and have a go at being at one with nature. You could live a little longer for it.




Leave all modern distractions behind.
Just take yourself.
And maybe one other person.




Forget your thoughts and just wander.
Whilst wondering.
Go with the flow.




Take a moment.
Look at a leaf.
OK that's a little weird but at least appreciate what's around you.




A chance to meditate on your surroundings.
Or just be still for as long as you can.




Don't talk to anyone.
This is probably best done in a secluded part of the forest or you'll just appear rude.



Shinrin-Yoku Forest bathing

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