Extra Special Romantic Breaks

Love, love, love.

It makes the world go round and fills your little world right up, right?

But how best to express that love, indulge in that love and make the most of the love in your life?

Get away glamping together.

Spend some simple, quality, loved up time cuddled up in a small space set somewhere special.

Have a romantic holiday.


But what is it that makes a holiday romantic? Let’s take you through the seasons.

Romantic holidays in Autumn

This season has set the scene for many a romantic movie, long walks hand in gloved hand down woodland paths, kicking up colourful leaves as words hang in the air with a cloud of breath. Stop at the riverside for a cuddle to warm yourselves up and giggle shyly at how red your nose has gone. The beauty of the natural world at this time of year combined with the slight vulnerability of being out in the cold makes for romantic couples’ holidays off the pages of a Mills and Boon (not old enough for that reference? You should look it up. It might be the reason you were ever conceived).

Find yourself a cabin in the trees and cosy up to watch the falling leaves of Fall, light the wood-burner and listen to the crackling flames as you snuggle up and watch as the first of winter’s robins flit from tree to tree.

A wow place to stay in a treehouse cabin:
Wildwood Hideaway is hidden among the trees with far reaching views from the treeline. Act like a big tough woodcutter - don't forget to ring the obligatory checked shirt - and lift your loved one over the threshold with those axe-wielding arms.

wow woodland hideaway

Romantic winter breaks

When the final leaf has fallen, you might wonder why your loved one would be impressed by you taking them on a staycation. But the wintry weather is the best excuse for ramping up affection and cuddling up close. Not that you’ll be cold in one of our wow places to stay, but like I said – great excuse. Whether it’s getting better acquainted with a new love, or reacquainting with an old favourite, cuddles are medically proven to make you feel better. Winter glamping getaways make for extra special romantic breaks because you get to focus on the two of you spending time together in a small space. Just make sure that space makes you say ‘wow’ so you can just get on with relaxing in comfort and en suite.

A wow place to stay with a wood-burner:
Cuddle up on the great big corner sofa at Cuddle Cabin - the new wood-burner is super cosy. 

Wow cosy woodburner Cuddle Cabin

Spring short breaks for the romantics

Ah, Spring. The season of life and hope and new beginnings – a metaphor for relationships, no? That’s why it’s a lovely time to take someone away on a glamping staycation to somewhere impressive. Luxury weekend breaks in the UK are a must-do when the weather starts to warm up, lounging out on a deck for al fresco breakfasts – Buck’s Fizz anyone? This calls for a clifftop retreat – the best holiday destinations for couples, with  precarious drops allowing for the braver half to protect the grateful other – cue dramatic embrace and the music from Titantic. Romantic beach walks, picking favourite shells, throwing sandy balls for the dog, fish and chips on the harbour wall in contented silence as you listen to the crash of the waves below and contemplate contentment.

A wow place to stay by the sea:
Panorama has exactly that - the perfect place to hide a ring in a waffle over an al fresco brunch.

wow romantic sea view

Sunny summer romances

Soaking up the sun leaves you energised, that Vitamin D coursing through your veins and strengthening your bones – it literally warms you to your core. Plus the surface of your body gets nicely roasted to a golden hue to leave you feeling confidently sexy in front of your romantic interest = win win.

But the hot weather can leave you a little too sticky for romance so be sure to stay somewhere with a hot tub for clinking of glasses as the sun goes down and the summer BBQ coals cool.

A wow place to stay with a hot tub:
Mount View Retreat is a Shepherd's Hut with a rather special view.

wow mount view hot tub

Extra Special romantic breaks

You’ve found someone you love? And they love you back? That’s no easy feat. It deserves celebration – anniversary celebration, downtime celebration, made-it-through-the-hard-times celebration or plain old ‘just because’ celebration. 

Whether you’re in the mad fast rush of amazement that you can’t believe you’ve found each other or settled into the glow of happy ever after, time away in a romantic getaway is always worth the effort. Romantic walks, lots of cuddling, laughter, memories and down on one knee… all with an amazing backdrop and a wow place to stay at the end of the day. Better than cut flowers any day.

Try a wow beach hut for a sundown down on one knee:
The Chalet on the Beach at Lyme Regis is the perfect place to kneel on the bed together and stick your head out the parapet to watch the sun disappear below the sea - a perfect proposal place (if you haven't already asked the question at the end of The Cobb, surrounded by the dramatic cliffline, as in our first picture)

wow chalet beach view

Unusual Minimoons and honeymoons

Speaking of special occasions, this has to be the ultimate reason for a romantic break for couples in a wow place. You’ve just had the best day of your lives and you need to start married life as you mean to go on – making magical memories along the way.

So, tuck yourselves up for an unusual romantic weekend break in a quirky luxury space; an airstream for a retro touch, a treehouse to hideaway or a beach hut for kinky midnight swims. Each of our wow places to stay will have a big bed with a proper mattress so you guys are nice and comfortable and can get plenty of sleep…

For a wow honeymoon try one of these cedar yurts:
The Cedar Yurts at Little Coombe Farm are ridiculously high quality in a lovely location, and sleep 5 so there's plenty of space for two to honeymoon.

wow cedar yurt romance


Find somewhere wow to go for the perfect romantic getaway.

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