Stay Where You Feel Like You

Why do people take holidays? Because it makes you feel good. And who doesn’t want to feel good?
Why not go one better and feel restored – get back to nature with a glamping holiday. 

Lose yourself to find yourself again. That sounds like one of those ‘hippy’ concepts but it’s actually pretty simple and will leave you feeling a whole lot better.



Stay Where

It goes without saying, when you’re out of sorts a holiday is the best medicine. But it does depend on where you stay. You need to stay where you can unwind and reconnect without even realising it. Now whether that be by experiencing new places with excitement around every corner, or it’s a tranquil sanctuary away from the world, your time away should be for dosing up on Dopamine. Feel the high of that short-term pleasure and relish in the relief of long term joy. This is about giving yourself a time-out so you can return ready for what the day-to-day will throw at you.

Climb out of your rut. Level up your life. Reset with a holiday.

"We are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars"
Oscar Wild


So where should you stay?

Well that depends on…



U OK hun?

It’s a shallow fast-paced world out there. Until you actually stop and look up at the stars. 

Pressure can burst pipes - or it can make diamonds. So let’s stop and appreciate those diamonds in the sky. They’re much easier to see when you’re out in the countryside, away from the visual pollution of street lamps and headlights, where the darkness can wrap you up in an invisible blanket of soft serenity and let even the tiniest pinprick of a celestial body shine bright.

Your emotional well-being isn’t entirely reliant on the world around you, though. Here’s some sunny disposition tips for really kicking back and going easy on yourself so you can make the most of your downtime.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff;

    So your water bottle leaked in your handbag when you travelled down - it'll dry
    So you forgot your phone charger, you don't need it here anyway! Have a digi-detox.
    Concentrate on what goes right instead of wrong and things will start to right themselves.
  • Appreciate the little things;

    Oh yay! My fave song just came on the radio!
    I love how the birds chirrup just for me (well, I'm the only one here so...)
    This apple tastes just right.
    Gratitude for each moment leads to contentment.
  • Live in the moment;

    Getting lost in a moment adds to your joy. Just focus on what you're doing right now, what you're looking at, what you're touching and everything else will melt away.
    Wander so your mind doesn’t.
    If you can't digi-detox on the first day, watch a TED talk on staying in the moment
  • Realise relationships are worth more than things;

    Go meet new people.
    Smile hello to strangers.
  • Calm down;

    Has anyone ever calmed down by being told to calm down?
  • Think your glass is half full;

    Go on, hum it (or sing it loud as no-one's around)... "Always look on the briiiiiight side of life! Do doo, do doo, do doo, do doo"
  • Bucket List;

    Tick off one or two quick wins
    Go for broke and tick off the skinny dip/naked rambler dream


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Feel Like You

We’ve determined happiness isn’t reliant on your surroundings, but it definitely makes a huge difference to your quality of life. You need to find ‘your spot’, somewhere you can simply be, with no pressure, no responsibilities, nothing to do but exist in the moment, somewhere you can actually feel your shoulders lifting.

Only you can know what your spot looks like. But may we make a suggestion? Stay Where it’s Wild.

Enter, glamping.

Free with every glamping holiday is a big helping of Mother Nature with her calming tone, soothing voice and comforting arm to wrap around and remind you of all that is good in the world. Her way is gentle, so you have listen carefully to hear her, you have to stay still to see her, you have to look all around to appreciate her.

To connect with Mother Nature on your own terms, may we recommend a little walk? A wander does wonders for the soul. If you need a sense of purpose then try the ancient art of Japanese Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing).

Walk for miles or walk around the garden, walk to a mountain top or follow a river through a valley, sit outside your glamping accommodation and take in the view. You’ll be amazed at how good it makes you feel.


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