Unique Stays

A life like Groundhog Day; Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat.

Or something to that effect. Who knows, when one day blurs into the next and summer’s passed you by like a swiftly swatted wasp. If you’re over-familiar with the familiar, it’s time to break the chain.

Do you feel that maddening sensation crawling up the back of your neck? Well this time a stretch and a walk to the water cooler won’t fix it. It’s an insidious feeling, a parasitic invader that takes over your motivation, blanks your mind and flattens your mood.

You need to be somewhere different.

Even lovers of routine can do with a change of space every now and then. And why not now instead of then?


Unique Places to Stay

If you’re going to go somewhere different, go somewhere different. You’ve only got a weekend spare to make all the difference so you need to find yourself unique cottages, unique stays, quirky accommodation that will inspire and impassion, make you feel like you again.

So what is it about unusual places to stay that makes you feel better? Well it wakens the senses, forces you to take note of your surroundings, gives your brain a shake so you don’t bump into the furniture. Just like turning the music down so you can see where you’re going in the car, it makes you focus. And when you focus you lose sight of the little niggles. And then you feel the relief.

Stepping outside your everyday gives you a chance to look in from an outside point of view, a new perspective that helps you realise how much you like being home. Not because you don’t like the new place, but because somewhere different clears your negative energies and lets you feel grateful.

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Unusual romantic weekend breaks uk

If you’re actually managing to get away with your lover, lucky you! It goes without saying you need somewhere special. Somewhere that transports you away from who hasn’t done the dishes. Somewhere that helps you focus on you. Big or small, near or far, the place to stay should inspire and ignite that dampened flame, leaving room for sparks to fly and love to blossom.

And who doesn’t want to be whisked away somewhere they never knew existed? Somewhere quirky that you can discover together, your own little hideaway in the UK that’s easy to get to but feels a million miles away. Perhaps with a hot tub. Yes, definitely quirky places to stay with hot tub are a top priority for champagne clinking, strawberry sharing, nights under the stars.


Unique Staycations

Stay where you can feel at home, not too far from home, but 100% unique. Places like these.


Wildwood Hideaway

Wildwood Hideaway Unique place to stay

Zigzag your way into the trees and settle under the canopy and stars of north Cornwall. Cuddle up in this cabin and listen to the wind in the leaves, the birds in the trees, the occasional snort of your Other Half who has already got in the spirit of relaxation and drifted off – bless them. Oh well, at least you’ve got a view to gaze at and contemplate your existential dread. Nah, wake them up and go for a walk. 

Wow Stay Wildwood Hideaway


Little Barn Retreat

Little Barn Retreat Unique place to stay

Ferry across the channel for a little island getaway – the Isle of Wight is a world of its own and hidden away in the middle is a special place to stay. Wood clad walls make for a cosy interior and little touches of love adorn the space with even Cupid watching, waiting to pop a little arrow in your buttock. A bit weird, but apparently that is the way love works.

Wow Stay Little Barn Retreat


St Breca

St Breca Unique place to stay

The name is Cornish for unique so we couldn’t leave it off this list. And with a view to wow it ticks our boxes – that veranda, that horizon, that sunset, that weird sunken garden that looks like a perfect spot to cuddle up for a sundown…

Wow Stay St Breca


Rusty the Tin Tent

Rusty the Tin Tent Unique place to stay

One for families, because children deserve to be inspired by their surroundings too. Let their imaginations run riot in this ex-shipping container and then let them run riot through the wildflower meadows with the kind of freedom you don’t find very often. And this unusual place to stay was special enough to feature on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, courtesy of Channel 4…

Visit the world of Rusty

Wow Stay Rusty the Tin Tent


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