Why you should stay in a forest


Let’s go to the coast! It’s the go-to destination when you want to get away for the weekend. And it’s popular for good reason. But maybe it’s not what you need.

Maybe you need a magical, sun-dappled dell where you go to bed below a natural canopy and stars twinkle above you then wake up to birdsong and very little else.

Maybe instead of an open sky and the vast emptiness of the ocean in front of you, you need to be calm and protected by Mother Nature. 


Retreat to a leafy location for a one-on-one connection to the natural world. You’ll feel a lot better for it.

Forest Hideaways

UK forests are magical; they only cover 3% of our land, which makes them all the more precious, but there are plenty of places to hide yourself away from the world and just concentrate on being alive. A woodland retreat is a place of peace, the antithesis to city living, life something out of a Disney movie – imagine skipping through clearings with baby deer and little birds flying to your outstretched fingers. Or just take time to appreciate the way the light catches that bit of moss enveloping that tree, a macro lens creating a picture of a miniature world of green, a forest within a forest with its own tiny ecosystem. Try not to be overwhelmed by the infinite layers of life all around you and focus on Shinrin-Yoku. 


The Japanese have a name for how good it feels to be in a forest; it means forest-bathing and describes the pleasure of being among trees and the effect it has on your well-being. It’s recognised worldwide so don’t just go for a quick walk. Go and stay in a forest. Take shinrin-yoku to the extreme and live the plant life. Just do it in luxury and style by staying in glamping accommodation.

wow woodland cabin
Treetops Cabin in Cornwall

Summer Holidays in a Forest

You can feel the effect the sun has on the flora and fauna around you. The intensity of chlorophyll makes the leaves seem extra green and lush as the plants stretch out to soak up as much of the sunlight as they can. There’s an energy, an almost audible buzz as invisible ecosystems come alive in the warm weather. It’s enthralling to be stood in the middle of it all, an innate sense of well-being, being around the quiet power of nature as it does its thing. 

Sit out on a treehouse deck high up among the leaves and feel the sun’s warmth on your skin as you take a leisurely brunch and read a book. Or slip into a hot tub to have your own private spa experience among the branches. Stay there past nightfall to catch sight of the stars twinkling as the branches lightly sway above you. Take a deep breath and relax.

wow forest cabin
George Cabin in Devon

Autumn Forest Holidays

In my humble opinion, the best time of year to book a forest holiday in the UK – the colours, oh the magnificent spectrum Mother Nature puts on display in October and November! Long walks kicking up leaves, Instagram-worthy Fall photos of yellows and orange, red through to green against a clear, cold blue sky. Welly boots, woolly scarves, cute little bobble hats; coming back to your wood cabin for fireside hot chocolate and the quick dash to the hot tub. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic holiday (a good excuse to snuggle up and do nothing but feel the warmth of your bodies and the beating of your hearts, enough to put a smile on anyone’s face). Even driving through tree-lined lanes on a crisp November day is heart-warming as you head to your holiday abode:

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