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Can’t get your head around canvas? Prefer a little more weight to your walls but still want to while away the hours in a world first? Well the Red Kite Conker is a shiny round beacon in the Chillderness portfolio.

Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.
Sir Henry Royce

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Jag Virdie is the chartered engineer who came up with this space-age design, having worked at Bentley, and aspires to ‘bring automotive and aerospace engineering standards to the construction industry’.

So, this is the Rolls Royce of glamping?

It certainly looks high end, like something out of a 60s space movie, you half expect the door to lower amid smoke and bright lights – but much more real and much less rickety. This golden globe feels solid despite the shape suggesting it might roll away down the hill on a magical mystery ride at any moment. But no fear, this orb is firmly propped against the rolling topography of the Welsh countryside with sleek little legs that double up as power inlets. Double-glazed, insulated to the hilt, equipped with USB sockets and heat storage with fresh air filters, this is not what you’d expect to find in the middle of nowhere. The interior has a real-life Jetson’s vibe (kids, ask your parents), everything you’ll need for a few day’s stay and views to die for from the separate hot shower, perfect for standing mesmerised as you warm up from wild swimming in the River Wye.

The true joy of this place is how wonderfully simple it is (aviation technology aside)
Anjana Devoy, Owner

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The living here isn’t as polished as the copper ball once was; we’re talking about an outdoor experience, glamping in the middle of nowhere don’t forget. And that alone brings its challenges but this epic drop of metal elevates the experience. Once that pizza oven is built you may find it hard to go back to cooking indoors again.

Hanging off the lilt of a Welsh Mountain with nothing but your thoughts and the wild animals does something to your brain. It resets your well-being button, re-rails your train tracks and lets the digital fuzz clear; this is the perfect place for a detox, a wildlife watch and an R&R experience that’ll set you up for the rest of the year. And with the tech keeping you comfortably cocooned, you can come at any time of year. Blend in with the golden post-summer hues with an Autumn holiday, snuggle up in the snow, watch the world come to life in Spring or see your surroundings reflected off the copper in the summer sun – come on your own to get your headspace, or together for someone to watch the sun set with.

Lightweight and environmentally friendly, cosy and warm, the pod is the perfect place to sit on the terrace with a Penderyn gin watching the kites circle and long afternoon rays of sun glint off the copper cladding.
David Devoy, Owner

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Here's the wonderful (uphill) walk to to your first glimpse of The Conker - don't watch if you prefer surprises and that initial WOW factor, but do watch if you're not so agile or just want a nose:

You need to be strong on your feet with a sense of adventure to appreciate this place in its best light. But if you’re a seasoned glamper, or ready to immerse yourself fully in the great outdoors, get yourself a stay in The Conker because I think it’s one of the best Welsh #wowplacestostay.

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