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Whether a Lord of the Rings fanatic or not, the Hobbit Howfs at Craighead Howfs (aptly named The Burrow and Bagend) are sure to make you say WOW. Built into a hillside with grassy roofs and round doors, they are set within quiet Scottish countryside, surrounded by natural gardens, a lochan, wildlife and woodland, and boast incredible views – what’s not to love? 

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the end of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort" J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit.

And comfort it means indeed! Bilbo would definitely approve. Inside, these quirky hideaways (or should we say howfs – a Scottish saying for a favourite haunt – very fitting!) are oh-so-cosy, with handmade double beds to dive into at the end of a busy day exploring this wonderful part of Perthshire (or just chilling out, enjoying each other’s company and taking in the extraordinary surroundings). I can just picture my husband and I sat out on the little patio area, glass of fizz in-hand – oo or a steaming glass of mulled wine, in the winter, wrapped in a blanket, watching the sunset – ok I may be getting a little carried away but that’s what this magical place does to you! And, speaking of magical, there are stargazing windows above the beds too. Perfection. 

“We just want it to be nice for people – and be something a little different” Heather Keir, Owner.

The dedicated owners designed and built these incredible boltholes – using stone, carefully fashioned woodwork and skills from hundreds of years ago – after an inspiring visit to the Hobbit movie sets in New Zealand (we’re not jealous at all!). They really have thought of everything, there’s a warming wood-burner and comfy armchairs for cosy nights in, as well as a kitchen area with double ring gas hob and all the crockery, cutlery, pots and pans you could need.

“Peace, tranquillity, cosy, unique – but with nice touches like spotlessly clean, with hot water and somewhere to cook” Heather Keir, Owner.

When it comes to bathing, Bagend has a gorgeous slipper bath for long, relaxing, bubbly soaks and The Burrow has a handy hobbit-style shower, each with gorgeous hand-carved wooden wash-basins too. Both have their own toilet facilities, housed in wee hobbit howfs next door, with bespoke wooden sinks and designer eco-friendly compost toilets. On the subject of eco-friendly, the howfs are off-grid and lots has been done to welcome local wildlife to the area too, so you really can switch off and get back to nature. 

“Somewhere where you can switch off…where you can just lose yourself” Heather Keir, Owner.

You will feel as if you have been transported into J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy land as soon as you park up at this enchanting location – pop your luggage in one of the hobbit barrows and take the delightful 200 metre trundle from the car park to your hobbit howf. Luckily, you won’t meet any orcs in this adults-only shire, but you may encounter the friendly and super-cute ‘heelin coos’ and ‘wee goats’.  

“We hope people will feel like they’ve entered a different world” Heather Keir, Owner.

The idyllic location of Craighead means that you are well and truly spoilt for things to see and do nearby, not only with easy access to some of Scotland’s finest countryside but tourist attractions too. However, in the wise words of Gandalf, “all we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us” and, if you decide to stay put and just relish in how extra-special this place is, no one would blame you.

“All we really want is for people to come and to really enjoy it” Heather Keir, Owner.

And if you fancy doing exactly that, you can book a stay directly with the owner

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