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I’d squeal with excitement, turning up for a holiday at this wow place to stay. If I was to draw a treehouse for myself, it’d be something like this; countryside for miles, random animals running around the fields and hand built quirky accommodation wrapped high up around an ancient tree. Yes please.

I want to wind my way along that wooden walkway into the branched arms of the tree, open that magical doorway and sink into howf life among the leaves.

I love trees. They’re ecosystems in their own right, subject of many a childhood story and just awe-inspiring in their own right, so any chance to get close to them is going to make me happy. What makes me particularly happy about this treehouse is that is in no way relying on the tree – the accommodation is set off to the side with just the deck surrounding the trunk, and all propped up by stilts and struts to keep the tree from harm.

WOW Craighead Tree Howf

The silvery patina of the wood shingles glisten in sunlight, the intricacy of the design conjuring up ideas of a Rapunzel and Snow White hybrid featuring me as the star, living out my treehouse dreams in a slice of Scottish paradise. I can totally picture myself leaning on that balcony, surveying the view as the local wildlife flits up to say hello as if I’m one of their own. 

But back to reality. Once I finish hand-feeding wild deer and the bluebirds have flown from my shoulders, I’ll step inside the wooden wonder and stop to appreciate the amount of hand-hewn work that went into this place. Stripwood, hung shingle, carved beams and chiselled slate create a surprisingly modern and clean-looking but utterly rustic interior where handmade furnishings fill the room with comfort and joy. Tucked away behind a tree trunk, a corner shower, between the bed and the door, a central wood-burning stove, on the bedside tables, stone-stack lamps then up in the eaves a wooden owl; the attention to detail is satisfying. I’d flop backwards onto that great big bed and gaze up through the great big skylight into the canopy.

WOW Treehouse Howf

I love to be woken by natural sunlight streaming through the windows and can only imagine the beauty of the stain glass over the doorway casting colourful shadows at certain points of the day. A locally sourced breakfast prepped in the kitchenette corner will set me up for a day exploring but I might just sit around on that deck and absorb the natural world around me instead. Perhaps I’ll venture as far as the fire pit as the night draws in, to toast marshmallows and stare at the flames. The first day is all about resetting your mindset and getting into relaxation mode – hard at times! But the second day I’ll get my new camera out and play with the settings, exploring the macro textures of all that lovely wood before cracking out the wide angle to capture some of the surroundings from the viewing platform. That’ll make me venture further afield to find the resident animals and capture their character on film – there’s two acres of grounds and gardens to photograph. I’ll have to come back in every season to truly capture the glory of that ancient Ash.

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