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Sometimes Saturday night’s in on the sofa with a glass of wine and Netflix just isn’t enough. Sometimes you want to take your snuggles to a new sofa and forgo the Netflix life for something a little more meaningful, a little more life-affirming, a little more…wee.

Tucked between the trees on the edge of the lochan on Craighead Farm, is a little peaked roof painted black in beautiful contrast with the natural world around it. This little shack is perched above a little stream, cantilevered out to give a sense of birdbox life up in the trees. But this is a bit too luxury for a bird; a bird wouldn’t appreciate the soft linens, the cosy wood-burner, the sitting-out area with gorgeous lake views or the Wee Wee howf next door…

WOW wee wee howf cabins

I’ve been frustrated lately. Frustrated that our lives seem to revolve around what’s on the tele and notifications bleeping our phones. It’s making me want to run out into the middle of nowhere to be free. But that’s a bit extreme. Instead I broach the idea of an off-grid holiday to the other half. No WiFi? No thanks. “But baaaaaaabe”, I plead, “the nature! The candlelight! The stars! I neeeeeed this”. He only folds when I promise he has full control of the barbecue tongs and I let drop the burn beer fridge. 

The what, now?

The burn beer fridge. It’s so simple yet so novel, and we’re weirdly excited by the idea. There’s no electricity at the Wee Howf so they’ve taken inspiration from nomads and maybe the Robin Hood movie with Kevin Costner where there’s a whole village ingeniously built in the trees, and constructed a pulley system for the howf – pull on the magic basket and your naturally cold drinks are hoisted up out of the little river running underneath you – ok maybe not river exactly, a burn is a little stream, but I love the idea. Innovative and quirky.

The Other Half is back to his PS4 so I get to daydreaming.

WOW wee howf glamping cabin

It’ll be a long ol’ journey for us to get into the depths of the Scottish countryside (although Craighead Farm is within easy access of towns and cities) but we’re good at travelling together so we’ll arrive tired but happy, torches at the ready because it’ll no doubt be after dark once we’ve stopped a million times along the way. Finding accommodation in the dark is always fun – I love that slightly scary scramble, the not-knowing and then the discovery, closing the door on the darkness and feeling safe. At Wee Howf I’m sure we’ll light the candles, stoke the fire and jump straight into bed with a rum hot chocolate to stare at the stars through the skylight. I’ll settle into this romantic, me-and-you-and-nothing-else way of life really quite quickly.

In the morning, I’ll set up camp by the fire-pit and happily while away the hours with a book or two, the slow-burning coals taking us through from brunch to dusk with the man at the tongs, as promised. He might persuade me to go exploring on the second day, as this part of the world is beautiful, but I’ll be equally happy chillaxing here, thank you very much.

WOW wee howf glamping cabin

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