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Kudhva. The name gives nothing away, I think it sounds a bit alien. And actually that association is a good fit when you see the structures; leggy, angular pods caught mid-stride in the rugged Cornish landscape, shelters propped up above the land, disconnected from the grid, temporary as if they’ll soon transport you away in Ascension. 


Are you afraid of heights? The slender ladder leading to the elevated rooms will test your metal but it’s worth the 15ft of leg-trembling to the larch and birch tangle of triangles. Each of the 4 Kudhvas has been engineered to take in the view, like bird hides for the soul. High up above the wandering goats, you have the privilege of observing wildlife, participating in the natural world without disturbing it. 

The people of Kudhva say ‘each architectural hideout…has been designed to offer temporary shelter in a way which leaves you feeling calm and cared for, just by the structure itself’. That’s a welcome sentiment from quirky holiday accommodation. Is it the warmth of the wood? The unusual shape? The fact you are so cut off you can do nothing else but relax? Something about these spaces make you disconnect and reconnect. They’re intentionally small so whilst you can hunker down to escape the elements, you’re encouraged to get outside and stretch your legs, explore the outside with wild abandon and discover the raw intention of the area. There’s something truly exhilarating about being up high when it’s blowing a gale.

So stay. Sit and stare. Contemplate and reset. Read a book. Turn off the lights and sleep tight.


Kudhva pod by George Fielding


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Kudhva pod by George Fielding

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