Rough Luxe glamping

What’s your idea of luxury? 

‘A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense?’

Luxury is generally associated with opulence, grandeur and lavishness. But that’s not all. What about the luxury of time? The luxury of privilege, the luxury of being somewhere special? Luxury is not just an adjective, it’s a verb. An act of being, a way of experiencing, an unnecessary but oh-so welcome oasis of the modern world. And the ironic bit? It involves stripping back instead of adding more ‘things’.


And so, Rough-Luxe is a thing

WSJ magazine described this movement as a ‘study in contradictions…artful dissonance’.

Some interpret it as finding beauty in the dilapidated, letting age and time shine through, flaking paint layers bringing a new kind of beauty to the forefront, a beauty that tells a story in its artful patina. After all, beauty doesn’t mean perfection.

Others interpret it as unexpected comfort. And that’s what we’re all about.

You wouldn’t expect a rustic shack in the woods to have fluffy bathrobes for the hot tub. It shouldn’t even have a hot tub, by all accounts. But of course it does. This is rough-luxe, glamping style.

Rough Luxe glamping

Where Oh Where Rough Luxe

The luxury is in the experience, the enlightenment, the feeling you get when you connect with nature. It’s a privilege we’re lucky to have on our doorstep here in the UK, an escape for enrichment, filling our time away with quality experiences wrapped up in comfortable surroundings with everything you need to focus on your self without effort. 

The walls may be rough sawn timber, but they’re insulated, the sink may be propped up on a log but it runs hot water - the facilities are en suite and that’s definitely a luxury above and beyond camping. Actually it seems to be above and beyond most glamping offerings, which is where Where Oh Where come in. 

Rough Luxe glamping in Rusty

You should want for nothing yet be close to nature, not separated from the real world in a gold-trinketed ivory tower. Go out and get muddy. Reflect on the amazing world we live in. Appreciate the intrinsic value of the little things in your life and then slip into the hot tub to stare at the stars.

In the words of Classic Glamping, thou shalt not rough it.

Thou shalt not rough it pin

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