What is a WOW place to stay?

That feeling when you round a corner and a view opens up in front of you, an unexpected sight that takes your breath away, leaves you eyes-wide and mouth open. That’s what we’re going for.

You’ve seen the images, you’ve read the story, you’ve checked inventory and arrival details, but there’ll always be that element of doubt. Is this too good to be true??

That’s where we come in.

We’ve been to each and every one of handpicked places to stay, only added them to our curated collection if we want to stay in them ourselves. Only told you about them if they make us say WOW. And we’re not wowed that easily. 


So what makes us say WOW here at Where Oh Where?



Wherever there’s a secret spot with a spectacular view, an unexpected shelter on a clifftop, a hideaway in the trees; it doesn’t really matter where oh where we are, as long as we end up in a place where we can find ourselves.

Find a place to stay that speaks to you and stay where it takes you. Put a pin in a map and explore with curiosity.

Reconnect with the wild on your own terms. Lose yourself and find yourself again. 

Is that clear as mud? Perfect. Simply put, it can be anywhere amazing. Anywhere that feels awesome. Anywhere that makes you say wow.

 WOW place to stay location


An amazing view is one thing that’s high on the list of Where Oh Where wows. The surprise of an unexpected vista that stretches as far as the eye can see, or a framed viewpoint that can only be seen from where you’re standing, a panorama so awe-inspiring it makes you stop and stare.

On the other hand, it could be a hideaway so hidden away it doesn’t need a view to make you say WOW. It could be a magical dell where you feel like the only ones in the world, super special as if  you’re the only ones that know about this place (even though we’ve given the game away, sorry). Think The Secret Garden and you’re on the right track.

All these types of locations are hard to capture in photos, even in our online coffee table book of best bits, but that makes them all the more special when you get there.

And it’s quality over quantity with us. We don’t like it when an owner stuffs as many money-grabbing pods in a field as they can. We know you need space to breathe and relax and run around the meadow like Theresa May (remember her?). This isn’t a holiday park.

 WOW place to stay setting


We don’t want a generic holiday lodge plonked in a WOW location. We want the holiday accommodation to be special in its own right. That’s right, double the WOW for your money.

From a treehouse holiday to a chalet on the beach, we’re looking out for one-off, quirky accommodation that still exceeds our high expectations.

Cabins in the trees can come in all shapes and sizes, as long as they tick every box on our luxury facilities list. On the outside they blend beautifully with the rustic natural surroundings, but on the inside they should be more boutique than basic, less shed and more luxury lodge. Though it doesn’t need to be excessive - sometimes the best things come in small packages.

Shepherd’s Huts are gorgeous bijou holiday homes – when they’re done right. Most are just tin wagons with a mattress and a TV where you still have to do the dreaded camping trek to the shared loos in the middle of the night. But not our Shepherd’s Huts, oh no; the quality of craftsmanship, the attention to detail, the space and the facilities make our en suite, fully fitted Shepherd’s Huts second to none. Especially once you put them in that wow location…

But don’t be boxed in by what you can buy off the shelf.

Dare to dream – something unique can be built to your specification for a similar price as a high spec, generic pod. In fact, we know a guy. He’ll help you stand out from the crowd and create a place to stay that will continue to WOW you every time you see it.

WOW places to stay structure


We’re fussy.
And for good reason.
We won’t sell you a dream for you to find there’s no kettle for a simple cup of tea.

Our minimum inventory is nearly as full as a Classic Cottage, but adapted for glamping life with towels and bed linen provided as standard. 

Our personal checklist for them to make it into our curated collection?

  • Private flushing loo
  • Power
  • Heating
  • En suite washing facilities
  • Lovely location
  • Quality furnishings
  • Dedicated owners
  • Je ne sais quoi
  • (wow factor)

 WOW places to stay facilities

What makes you say WOW?


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